Concrete Sawing and Cutting

Concrete Cutting, using a concrete saw (also known as a floor saw or road saw) is a power or diesel tool used for cutting concrete, asphalt, tile, masonry, brick, and other solid materials. Concrete saws are powered by gasoline, diesel, hydraulic pressure, or electric motors. The significant friction generated in concrete cutting usually requires the blades to be cooled to prolong their life and reduce the dust.


Hand | Ring Sawing

Hand Ring Sawing

Hand & Ring sawing are good options for jobs that have restricted access, limited room, or small jobs. These saws leave a very neat cut. They are generally used for door and window openings, footpaths, brick, block walls & concrete walls. These machines used by Concrete Cutters | Concrete Sawing come in different combinations – petrol, electric & Hydraulic for a maximum cutting depth of 260mm.


Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing

This unit is very effective as an option for thick concrete – Concrete to any depth with heavy steel reinforcement. The 6mm steel wire core has 10mm diamond beads spaced along the wire. Core holes are placed generally in the corners or along the set out line. The Diamond wire is then feed through the holes and the pulleys. The saw is then put into operation by a hydraulic power pack, which pulls the wire through. It can also be plunged through the concrete using a different method. This can be used on any concrete surface – Floors | Walls | Beams | Columns | Pipes | Pylons | Steel Structures. This process leaves a nice clean smooth surface.


Chain and Wall Sawing

Wall and Chain Sawing

This piece of equipment (chainsaw) is good for neat cuts to square corners. Small but deep penetrations up to 460mm in depth. It also can be used for pier columns, pipe cutting etc.

Wall sawing is used for the concrete cutting of openings in vertical surfaces, that road sawing is difficult or hard to access. They are generally used to provide cutting to window & door ways, foundations and footings, walls, floors. Inverted wall sawing, is also achievable - the machinery is track mounted & efficient Concrete Sawing heavy reinforced concrete - Up to a depth of 550mm, if you cut from both sides - 1100mm for a maximum depth. These machines are hydro lacy driven by remote control & operate off 3 phase power which we can supply by generator if not available on-site. Also Check, Floor Grinding.