Definition of Terms

Here is an excerpt from our A-Z Glossary:


Adapter: A thread or bushing which attaches a tool to a piece of equipment.

Arbor: The middle hole on a blade, which attaches to the machine. The most common sizes are 1"- 7/8" - 20mm - 5/8".

Asphalt: Bitumen, sand and gravel mixed and commonly used as a paving material. Note that this material is highly abrasive.


Backing Pad: The bottom portion of the diamond segment that does not have any diamond crystal content.

Blade Flange: A machined plate, which attaches the blade to the machine.

Blade Guard: The shroud on a machine, which covers the blade to protect the operator from cutting debris and in some cases also provides cooling lubricant.


C C.S.D.A.: Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association. A professional organization of professional specialty contractors who cut, core, grind, and groove concrete.

Cart: A two-wheel system that is used to mount a high speed gas cut off saw.

Chain Saw (Diamond): Diamond segments on a cutting chain, which is used on a hydraulic chain saw. The most popular applications are plunge cuts, notch cuts and corner cuts.

Cobalt: A high quality metal alloy used in the manufacturing of premium diamond tool bonds. Characteristics are exceptional diamond crystal retention and excellent wear factors.

Core Drilling


Tails: The term used to describe the matrix portion behind the diamond crystal. This part appears as a "comet tail" behind the diamond crystal in the matrix and shows the direction the blade has been operated.

Tension: The process of working the steel plate with a roll tensioner or hammer so that the blade will run true.

Three Piece Expandable Adapter: It is used on open back bits. The adapter fits onto the tread of the core drill or extension and when tightened, squeezes the middle split ring which expands inside the core barrel to hold the bit tightly in position.

Tile Saw: A table saw used to cut tile and thin stone materials for tile removal. Blade capacity ranges from 4" to 14" diameter blades and various table sizes to accommodate different material dimensions. Motor sizes range from 1/2 HP to 2 HP electric. Trails: Same term as "diamond tails"


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