Floor Grinding, Floor Sawing

Floor Grinding is used for the removal of: Coatings | Adhesives | Imperfections | Rain Damage | Flattening | Epoxy’s | Height Reduction Concrete polishing & floor preparation for new coatings is also available.

Floor Grinding

Concrete scarifying is also available for: Height Reduction | Trip Hazards | Traffic Line Removal.

Dust extraction is used on the above machinery. The above machines are available in 3 types of power source: Petrol | 240v Electrical | 415v Three phase (3PH). If you do not have 3PH power we can supply our own PH 75KVA Generator for your use. Also possible for Tile Removal.



Floor Sawing

Floor Sawing

Floor sawing is performed on level or flat surfaces. Floor saws can be used on reinforced concrete, asphalt or other structural materials.

  • * Concrete floors / Roads / Paths
  • * Bridge Decks
  • * Roof Tops

Razor Concrete Cutting can provide you with 3 types of Floor Saws: Electric 30HP Petrol 65HP Diesel 72HP With a maximum cutting depth of 650mm, soff cutting is also available as well as Core Drilling, Floor grinding and Concrete Cutting | Vinyl Tile Removal .